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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

  • Do you step out of the car and scuff the door sill with your foot?  Ever worry about chipping the paint off the edge of the doors?  Want to protect the bumper sill from scrapes when moving stuff in and out of the trunk?

  • We can help!!  Now offering PPF (Paint Protection Film) protection for these areas.  PPF is clear, self-healing, anti-yellowing, fits all vehicles, can be applied over decorative sill panels and is the ultimate in paint protection. 

  • PPF is durable, resistant to dirt, grit, sand and can last for years.  It is easy to clean and does not require special maintenance.  

  • Does not damage paint and is easy to replace

PPF door sill.jpg
PPF door edge.jpg
PPF scuff.jpg
PPF bumper.jpg

Invisible Doorsill Protection

Prevents scrapes and  scuffing

Stop door edge chipping

Bumper Protection

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