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The Best Interior and Exterior Detailing in the Conneaut Lake and Meadville area

Auto detailing has become very popular among many car owners today because this process helps extend life on paint by keeping its surface clean from dirt particles and contaminants brought about through normal wear & tear. We offer both interior and exterior detailing services around the Conneaut Lake and Meadville area. If you want to find the best auto detailing service, contact us now!

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What Is Auto Detailing

Professional auto detailing is the art and craft of cleaning a vehicle to like-new condition. Car owners who detail their vehicles regularly can extend their life, keep them looking new or protect the paint job from damage by undertaking some types of auto detailing services! It’s never too soon for this type of maintenance – even brand new cars need loving attention as we all know how quickly things start getting dirty inside our vehicles, as well as outside after just a few days.

Exterior: Hand wash, bug and tar removal, dry, windows inside and out, premium spray wax protectant that lasts up to 6 months.

Interior: cleaning all surfaces, vacuuming carpets and seats, upholstery using steam or shampoo. Leather cleaning and conditioning, cleaning of floor mats, UV protectant applied to appropriate surfaces.

Benefits of Auto Detailing

The best way to protect your car’s paintwork is by having it detailed on a regular basis. Not only will this make the vehicle look new again, but it also helps keep other factors like germs, dirt and grime from ruining the interior.

You might think that auto detailing isn’t necessary for brand new vehicles since they should already have been cleaned before driving them regularly, but did you know there are certain things which can make your paintwork look dull and worn quickly? The answer lies within some common sense guidelines about taking care our cars:

Car Value: The longer you keep your car, the less it will depreciate. That’s because of detailing services that remove contaminants to help protect and preserve leather seats or paintwork and plastics from harsh elements such as sun damage. In some cases even using a basic detail every week can extend your vehicles lifespan by up to a few years!

Protection: A car is a pride and joy, but they lose their shine over time – even if you clean them often! With professional detailing services or at home cleaning solutions like interior & exterior detailing, using the right products will do wonders in restoring your vehicle back into its original look.

Stop Environmental Damage: Maintaining the condition of your car’s paint ensures that wax or sealant applied frequenly will keep it looking shiny and new-like while also providing a protective barrier against harmful chemicals in the environment!

Focus on the Engine: A clean engine is a happy one. Not only does detailing keep your engine bay looking pristine and new, but it also helps to cool the parts that get hot from driving which can help reduce emissions and make for better fuel efficiency as well!

Improve Your Resale Value: Detail your car before you sell it and buyers will be more likely to pay top dollar for a vehicle that looks its best. 

Additional Services

Get More From Your Appointment With These Additional Services

Trim Restoration

Trim is cleaned and Ceramic coating is applied to restore faded trim to deep black, original look. Last a year or more.

Headlight Restoration

Faded and foggy headlights are restored using a process of multiple levels of polishing and coated with a ceramic coating that can last a year or more.

Engine Bay Cleaning

-lightly agitated
-wipe down
-protectant applied

Odor Removal

Vehicle disinfection and odor neutralization service via ozone machine
This industrial grade ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask odors like some air purifiers, it destroys odors! The air purifier/ozone generator oxidizes and destroys airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and odors. The oxidation process breaks down the molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, and bad odors, thereby neutralizing them. Ozone will penetrate fabrics and into the vent system. What is left is a "fresh, clean spring rain smell" similar to the clean air smell. Studies have shown ozone treatment can be 99% effective at removing odors and kill viruses.

Glass Coating

Windows cleaned and a glass coating applied, which can last up to a year. Coating helps water shed off windows faster, improving visibility when needed most during a rain shower.

Glass Chip Repair

Repair and strengthen chips in glass to help prevent cracks.  FREE with most insurances

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